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Carpet Cleaning PLUS  - Always ECO Friendly
Carpet Care at its very best
Residential & Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning. Safe for Children & Pets. Healthier for those that suffer from allergies. Dry & Clean so you don't have any down time.
Carpet is one of your greatest investments and should be cared for as such.
The cost of replacing carpet can be astronomical when you consider everything and everyone that is affected by it. Well maintained carpet can last 15 to 20 years; shouldn't it look like new all of the time? 
Carpet Cleaning PLUS  agrees with the IICRC and their recommendations for extending the life cycle of your carpet. It should remain in its original state, Clean & Dry
The Carpet Cleaning PLUS Process will not damage your carpet, will not cause delamination or color fading. It will however lift the pile, clean it thoroughly, and help to eliminate dust mites and allergens in the air. In addition our process will not leave any water or soapy residue behind like some other methods.
"Don't delay call us today" We will provide you with a free consultation and comprehensive maintenance plan to meet your budget and floor care needs.

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A Clean work place, a healthy work place, is a happier work place.
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